Thursday, 14 July 2011

Quarterback situation in Arizona

The most glaring need for the Arizona Cardinals at present is the lack of a quality quarterback under centre. The Cardinals started three different players at quarterback last season, not including 2006 10th overall pick Matt Leinart who was released during the preseason! As a Cardinals fan the instability at QB last season was painful to watch at times.

Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb has been suggested by many as the best fit at QB for the Cardinals; now that he has lost his starting job to Michael Vick. I think Kolb would be a good fit under centre in Arizona but obtaining him in a trade could prove to be costly. Speculations have been made that a trade for Kolb would require a second round pick or perhaps more. Other rumours are in circulations that Pro Bowl Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie may be involved in any potential trade.

Fifth round pick John Skelton would seem to be the most promising QB on the Cardinals roster at present. Skelton started four games for the Cardinals last season with a win ratio of 0.500. In his first game as starter he steered the Cardinals to a 43-13 victory over the Denver Broncos to break a seven game losing streak. Also in his first game as starter, Skelton proved he can keep a calm head under pressure; by staying cool even after his first four passes fell incomplete; three of which had been dropped. However, though I think he may have potential for the future I don’t think Skelton is the immediate answer for the Cardinals at the QB position.

It has also been suggested that Carson Palmer could be a possibility for the Cardinals. However, it has to be wondered that after his threats to retire does he still have the love of the game he once had. Furthermore I don’t think Mike Brown will give in to his desire to be traded as I discussed in a previous post;

One way or another, the Cardinals need somebody to stabilise their offense and to get Larry Fitzgerald the ball. I just hope we are not in for another season like in 2010.

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